decorating your log home, ensure that the positioning of the lights is proper to avoid darkness in any room. Like decorative windows, you can also have attractive lamps to make the rooms look nice. Now, let us discuss about the flooring of your log home. Avoid using any carpet or mat for your kitchen flooring. Instead, you can use good quality wood flooring for a better appearance. In the kitchen you can consider the idea of fitting colored tiles on the walls. It is not mandatory to use the same kind of flooring in all the rooms. You can design the kids room in a different way than the rest of the home.

Wall decoration can be done by having straight and curved lines of different fresh colors like pink, red, blue and yellow. You can try out different kids room painting ideas. Use pink shade for the girl�s bedroom. Avoid using colors like lime green, orange and purple which are bound to look odd in a log home. Different colors have some meaning associated with them, for example, white denotes peace whereas dark green symbolizes dense forests. White, cream and brown colors also look well for the walls. Affix beautiful artistic masterpieces like paintings of legendary personalities, landscape paintings and abstract paintings for a good effect.